My Older Cat Meows All Night

I have a 15 year old cat who cries and meows continually (unless he is picked up). This is not much fun during the night. What can you suggest?

First of all, have you had your cat examined thoroughly by a vet? This kind of behavior can sometimes be because of an underlying illness. It could also be a form of senile behavior (see the resources below). It may also be that your cat is cold at night, or is nervous about a situation. Make sure you speak to him in a calm voice, and pay him a lot of attention.

It may also be that he wants attention – you need to reassure him that you are there for him, through contact and soothing noises at an acceptable time. If he cries in the early hours, you need to show him that this behavior is not acceptable, and you can do this by giving him no attention whatsoever.