Can Humans Catch Roundworm From A Cat?

I adopted a stray cat about 2 weeks and have been to the vet with him. Today they did a fecal exam and called me to say he had round worm eggs in his stool. The cat is about 6 months old and we don't know how long he was outside. He is trained with the litter box and is generally a very well mannered cat. My question is this - can my daughter and I catch round worm?

Roundworms can be transmitted to people.The same larvae infecting your pet can migrate into a person and cause either a skin infection or in some cases an internal infection to the liver. This disease is called visceral larval migrans. This is why it is recommended that all kittens and puppies are dewormed. While the three-inch adult roundworms are usually a minor problem for adult cats and dogs, a serious infection of roundworms can be life threatening to a kitten because of blood and protein loss, or dehydration.

As you seem to be aware, it is essential that your kitten is treated as soon as possible; and in addition that you ask your pharmacist for a suitable medication as a precaution. Human deworming drugs are extremely easy to take with no side effects.