How To Prevent Cat Dandruff

My cat has dandruff, you can't usually see it, except for when you brush her it all comes out. She is a really beautiful black siamese cross burmese.

While dandruff is usually nothing more than flaky skin, in some cases it can indicate serious problems. Warning signs to watch for besides the flakes include scabs, crusting or itching. If your cat suffers from one or more of these additional symptoms (or is also not eating or is extra lethargic), take him to your vet. Sometimes dandruff occurs when an animal isn’t getting enough fat in their diet.

Giving your pet fish oil supplements will help improve the metabolism of fats in skin tissue, possibly eliminating the dandruff problem. Some generic and supermarket brand foods do not provide the full range of vitamins and minerals your pet needs to maintain a healthy skin. Many pets have been taken off generic foods and put on a high quality food and the cases of dandruff have disappeared.