About Crystals In Cat Urine

My vet told that my cat's urine contained crystals and she recommended a food that can be gotten by prescription only. I find this very unusual as i'm sure there are several foods that address this problems without having to get an actual prescription. Can you recommend cat foods that are used in the prevention of forming crystals in the urine?

You are right to want to solve this problem as quickly as possible and you are a responsible pet owner for seeking a change of food. Bacterial infections may soon follow the presence of other lower urinary tract problems such as crystals or bladder stones. Despite what your vet says, it is widely thought that even though some diets may prevent the prevention of some kinds of crystal, they can often in fact encourage formation of other kinds.

Fish flavored foods are said to increase the chances of crystal formation – so avoid them if you can. You should also always make sure there is clean, fresh water available. I would recommend moving slowly towards a wholly canned diet, lots of water and no table scraps. However, watch carefully for any signs of distress, such as straining to urinate.