Old Cat Is Stumbling – What Does It Mean?

My cat is 18yrs. Old and started stumbling last week. What could be the problem?

In human terms, your cat is 83-92 years old, so in fact a very old cat. Older cats commonly suffer from such symptoms as muscle wastage in the back legs, arthritis, joint pain and other movement-related disabilities. While it is always worth taking your pet to a vet whenever unusual symptoms occur, it is likely that you are now seeing the first symptoms of advanced ageing in your cat.

One thought on “Old Cat Is Stumbling – What Does It Mean?

  • Sep 24, 2010 at 12:00

    My cat is 18.5 years old. A week ago she started to loose balance, dropped a lot of weight, and stopped cleaning herself. In 2 days, she completely lost her mobility, and vet told us that’s her time. He gave her pregnenosone (or something steroidal) and vitamins supplement, but told us that we should consider euthanasia. (Ephraim – Israel).


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