How Can I Help My 3-Legged Cat?

Can you direct me to resources to assist a 3-legged cat? I worry that with age she will have spinal problems. Are there feline prosthetics? Would appreciate hearing the experiences of others who have 3-legged companions.

Well done for having the perseverance and the care to look into this, and to try and assist your cat in having as good a lifestyle as possible. A caring owner can think of other ways in which to help a disabled feline companion, but beware of being overprotective. A disabled cat still requires some semblance of independence to allow it to fulfill that inner ‘catness’ that we love in our feline friends. Most seem unaware of their disabilities and they do not expect life to make allowances, but a helping hand and some adjustments to their lifestyle and perhaps your own lifestyle will ensure a disabled cat has a healthy, happy and safe life.