Old Cat Is Vomiting

I have a 12 year old cat. She has been vomiting quite regularly. The problem also being when she vomits it has hair as well as what appears to be stool. I have checked her litter box and that seems to be fine. After she vomits the above then she also vomits a yellowish liquid. When she is done she seems to be fine. She also eats well. I have been giving her a petroleum jelly once a week for hairballs. Even if I stop this she still vomits. Any suggestions?

This sounds like quite a serious condition. What you need to be careful of in situations such as this s that the cat is not becoming dehydrated. Although your cat would normally get nearly sufficient water from wet food (such as tins of meat), she will require more water when vomiting a lot.

It is not possible to diagnose or suggest treatment for this animal without seeing it. I would suggest that you take her to the vet without delay. There may be complications in her digestive system. At 12 years old, it may be that she has developed some kind of blockage, perhaps caused by a growth, or perhaps by collecting hair, in her digestive tract.

Your vet will need to have answers to some questions when you see him, such as: Is she going to the toilet regularly and normally? Is she excreting solid waste at all?

Your cat may not have anything serious wrong with her, but in all cases where excessive and prolonged vomiting or diarrhea are concerned it is very important to have the animal in question looked at quickly by a professional.