Siamese Cat Is Aggressive And Friendly

Our cat is cross siamese. It is affectionate but can also be aggressive - chasing, biting & scratching the feet of the children. It has never done this to me. Is this unusual?

Siamese cats are distinctly different from other breeds of cats. As anyone who has kept a Siamese cat will know, they are unique. Siamese cats are very much larger than life. Everything they do is louder and more energetic – from giving affection to telling you when they don’t like something! Siamese cats are often said to be the most dog-like cats and are believed to be highly intelligent. If you expect to have a pet who is quiet and can be left to their own devices, a Siamese is not for you. You must be prepared to provide lots of time and energy.

Since Siamese cats do everything in a more exaggerated way, they interact on a different level to other cats. You may find that most of their emotions, whether good or bad, are more enhanced. If they are in a good mood, expect great levels of affection, but if they are in a bad mood, be prepared to stay out of their way.

Siamese cats are also unusually territorial, especially of people. It sounds like your cat may either be jealous of others’ interaction with you, or his behavior may just be over-excited play.