Will Male Cat Accept New Kitten?

We have a big male cat and are thinking of getting a kitten. Because he has always been 'master' of the house, we are not sure if he will take to the new kitten. Can we get a kitten?

Cats are very territorial and like to have their own ‘patch’. Male cats generally want more territory than females and neutered cats want the least. Acquiring a kitten will certainly be seen as less of a threat than an adult, although it is very difficult to forecast exactly what will happen. In most cases there are relatively few problems.

There will be an initial period of hissing and spitting from both cats at first. The older cat will retire to glare at the kitten from a distance. It is essential that both cats have the opportunity to feed quietly and on their own. Allow them to meet periodically throughout the first few days (but always remain present) and you may find they begin to accept each others’ company. This is provided the kitten can resist chasing and playing with the older cat – which may irritate him (Tip: buy a relatively sedate looking kitten).

Our advice would be to go ahead and get the kitten since all will probably be OK with perseverance.

3 thoughts on “Will Male Cat Accept New Kitten?

  • Apr 7, 2009 at 12:00

    I have just recently acquired a female kitten two weeks ago and my male cate (4yrs old), just came in and look at the kitten and of course the kitten hissed. Then all of a sudden my male cat has been missing for almost two weeks. Is this common or is it because its mating season and he has not been neutered. Help I need an answer. Thanks.

  • Feb 21, 2010 at 12:00

    Mine is the same scenario but with a small difference. Our original cat, Fez, has been here about a month. He isnt exactly lovable since he nips when you try to pet him but he is absolutely loving our house. This new kitten which is about 4 months to 6 months old. She is very loving and cuddly. But its the second day and Fez is no longer hissing, chasing, nor glaring.. But today he slept in the same spot all day! He seems sad.. And since he doesnt exactly let us pet him much, we have trouble showing him that we still love him. Is this just a period? If it get worse, what should we do? Because Fez was first…

  • Feb 28, 2010 at 12:00

    All cats are differnet, They have different personalities. They are just like us people. Some of us will accept someone new comin into the household but others will shy away and even do whatever we can to get the new person out of the house. I deal with these situations all the time because I am a pet communicater. Basically, it depends on his or her personality.


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