How To Encourage My Rabbit To Bond With Me

Do rabbits usually bond with their owners? I treat mine very well with a large cage, food and water everyday, and some toys, but it just doesn't seem to like me.

Rabbits are naturally nervous so it normally takes quite some time for them to learn to trust any human. You need to approach him on his level so get down on your knees and move towards him – if his first sense of you is from above he will think your an attacking predator.

You need to get him used to your presence and scent by spending at least half an hour in an open space with your rabbit every day. Take some treats in with you and give him one whenever he ventures near you and always talk quietly and without making any sudden movements. After a few days you can try petting him by extending your the back of your hand towards his head and see if he will let you pet him. If he does not just keep trying. Don’t force him to accept handling or he will never learn to enjoy your company.

Once he learns to trust you he will be quite affectionate and enjoy being petted much like any other animal. Be aware though that not all rabbits ever grow to enjoy being handled and cuddled. You should use treats as often as possible to reward good behavior and do your very best not to punish what you might deem as bad behavior – rabbits can not go against their instincts.