How To Build A Secure Ferret Cage

I am currently building a large hutch and run for my first ferrets. I would like to ask your advice as to whether it is best to use chicken wire for the run, or whether this is too weak to keep the ferrets in. Also, do ferrets like to gnaw wood, and if so do I need to treat the would with a non toxic wood treatment to make it weather proof.

Ferrets don’t generally gnaw, they do however use their teeth and front claws to pull things apart so I would not recommend the use of chicken wire. 16g weld mesh with a small mesh size should be strong enough. If the base of the cage is wood then it defiantly needs waterproofing with a polyurethane type wood treatment.

It requires this inside as well as outside to stop it absorbing urine etc. This treatment will have to be reapplied regularly to stop wood rotting. Wire cages with outdoor carpet or vinyl floor attached to the bottom of the cage is best in terms of ventilation etc.