Can You Keep Rabbits And Guinea-Pigs Together?

Can you keep rabbits and guinea-pigs together?

As we have said before in this column, it is our opinion that the two species should be respected as such and not ‘grouped together’. Cavies can be reserved, timid creatures while rabbits may tend to bully them. If you must house them together, make sure the cavy has somewhere to go for peace and quiet, such as a box with a hole only big enough for him to enter, and not the rabbit.

We have received a lot of email about this question from our readers, with many opinions which agree, and many which do not agree with this sentiment. We did not rule out the possibility altogether, nor were we calling pet owners like you who do keep them together cruel. In terms of understanding and preparation, it is not ideal for a beginner to purchase a rabbit and cavy for housing together. This is why we think it should be discouraged on the whole.