Should A Male Ferret Be Neutered?

My gerbil always seems to have a little blood on his nose, and its sometimes crusty too. I am convinced this is not due to his teeth being overgrown. What kind of things can I give to my ferret to play with?i'm thinking about getting a ferret. I want a female and I know they must be spayed if kept alone so I was wondering the cost. Also if I have a male do I have to neuter it? Because I would prefer to have the cheaper option.

Ferrets intended as pets must be neutered or spayed. Spaying saves a female’s life, since once she goes into heat she will need to be bred or she will almost certainly die of anemia. If you really want to save money then a male does not need to be neutered, but it is highly recommended. Neutering drastically reduces the odor of a male, prevents him from marking his territory with smelly slime, and makes him less aggressive.