Will A Single Gerbil Get Lonely?

Is it good to have only one gerbil or will they get too lonely?

By far the best way to keep gerbils is in a breeding pair. They will remain together for life and the male will assist in rearing the young. They may produce up to 9 litters in their life time. However, you must be sure that you can handle so many young gerbils, because if you separate the pair they cannot later be reintroduced nor introduced to new companions.

Gerbils are extremely territorial and will not tolerate strangers. If you do not wish to keep a breeding pair then a two or three females will live happily together. In general, keeping two males together is not a good idea, but may often be better than subjecting them to a life of solitude. If the fighting does not get bad enough that blood is shed, then I would persevere. Otherwise, you may have to make alternative arrangements for one of them.

2 thoughts on “Will A Single Gerbil Get Lonely?

  • Mar 31, 2009 at 12:00

    okay sorry expert but i strongly dissagree with u when u say they are not intelligent enough to feel lonely i feel this way because although it may be hard for owners who dont pay attention to their pets to notice ihave noticed that ever sence my female gerbil’s sepparation from her mate and pups she has been obviously acting as though she is depressed for she no longer takes intrest in escaping(which i know isnt a favored behavior to most but to me its her personality and i love it) or her toys and she sleeps most of the day away and sleep quietly all night as well i strongly belive that she is lonely and mabey even depressed… i wish to get her a new female companion now and my only question is wether or not it is even remotly possible that she will axcept a new female companion.

  • Mar 4, 2010 at 12:00

    i am a gerbil owner. 4 males and 2 females. out of these, i got the males at different times, and they all live together and get along well. they have never had a real fight, only play fighting. the females were got together, and can be quite aggresive when apart for long periods of time. i think you should get another female for your gerbil as losing her family has more than likely made her quite depressed, and she could probably do with having some female company, but i would be very careful in doing so, as they might not get along. if you have access to another cage, you could put the new female in their and gradually introduce them when you are there to see how they respond to eachother, without needing to place them in the same home together, as i personally think, doing this may cause them to fight.


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